Attended by: 16 Members and 5 Guests
Regular Chapter Meeting.
Attended by: Dwight Dover
Liberty Tree planted at Georgia Mountain Research Experiment Station. Hosted by Blue Ridge Chapter SAR and Old Unicoi Trail Chapter DAR.
Attended by: Denis Foerst
Audio Visual assistant. Took care of the Georgia Flag setup and take down. Speaker detailed Abagail Adams' life and times
Attended by: Kevin Karel & Stan Lewis
Planted 3 trees and spoke to pre-school students. In partnership with Kennesaw Mountain NSDAR
Attended by: James L Hopkins
Program - " How Pickens County, GA Got Its Name' and Colonial History
Attended by: 14 Members and 3 guests
Regular monthly meeting
Attended by: Dennis Jane, Tom Turner, Emil Decker
“The Battle of Kettle Creek was the severest check and chastisement the Tories ever received in South Carolina and Georgia.” Colonel Andrew Pickens Dennis and Judy Jane attended the 244th anniversary celebrations of these events February 10 and 11th, 2023 in Washington, Georgia and were presented with streamers for both events for our member/dual/associate SAR/DAR chapters. The circumstances became that Chapter attendance was a key factor. While the attendance was good it was not at the big pre-Covid numbers and this year was impacted by severe weather forecasts, wind, rain and flooding. The rains came but not until we were indoors Saturday afternoon. One streamer per chapter was the standard. While advance registrations allowed for published lists, those participating in the ceremonies in person had the opportunity to take back a streamer for their Chapters or recognized descendant organizations. Many members ( regular, dual or associate) represented more than one chapter. Dennis represented the Cherokee Chapter of the Georgia SAR, the St. Augustine Chapter of the Florida SAR and his Patriot James Williams who fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek. Judy represented the Hightower Trail Chapter of the Georgia DAR and the St Augustine Maria Jefferson Chapter Florida DAR. The Heroes of the Hornets’ Nest ceremony was at Elijah Clark State Park in Lincolnton, GA. The Battle of Kettle Creek Celebration involved a Banquet, a parade and a reenactment. Both celebrations had speakers, programs, color guard musket and canon salutes. The programs and speakers were excellent and that information will be well communicated in online postings. I would call special attention to the archeological work and studies of the Battlefield reports of Col Pickens, Dooley and Clark by Dr. David Noble whose findings have recently changed what we know about the battle.
Attended by: Dennis Jane
Today I attended the meeting of the Maria Jefferson DAR in St Augustine. The guest speaker was Chuck Meide, archeologist for the St Augustine Lighthouse. The subject was the revolutionary war shipwrecks in the treacherous St Augustine inlet. He has been working on wrecks for years and this talk was on one of 16 Loyalist ships that wrecked during the British evacuations. Circa 1782.
Attended by: Dennis McIntire, Thomas Turner, Dwight Dover, Richard Bennett, Stan Lewis
The above members represented the SAR at the Annual Georgia Day Luncheon hosted by the Hightower Trail Chapter of the DAR.
Attended by: Dennis McIntire
Attended by: 14 members and 5 guests
The monthly meeting of the Cherokee Chapter was held at Sidelines Grill in Canton. There were 14 members and 5 guests present. Harry Harrison gave an update on the Wreaths Across America participation by the chapter. The chapter sponsored 71 wreaths. We also had members volunteer on-site for the placing of the wreaths. Bill Marks gave a presentation on how his Patriot's farm was involved in the Revolutionary War.