Revolutionary War Uniforms


If you are in the SAR you have an ancestor who was involved in the war so why not recreate his dress or uniform. If you recreate his civilian dress it is easy. Accurate information abounds on the Web and in books. If you want to recreate your ancestor’s uniform, you will need to do a little research. What unit was he in and in what state did he serve? Also what time period in the war did he serve? The uniforms changed dramatically during the eight years of the war. If your ancestor was in the militia, your choices are simple and inexpensive. If your ancestor was in the Continental Line, everything depends on the regiment, state and time frame in which he served.

There is a great deal of information on-line and in books. Of course we will help you with the details to make it easy. We will also provide you with the details of where to buy the uniform and accouterments to keep the cost down.  We recommend that you take enough time to obtain as authentic an outfit as possible. You will be proud of an authentic uniform and will be welcome at every historical event. You will also learn a great deal about your ancestor in the process.

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Regular 3" Stand Up Collar Shown with GASSAR Color Guard

Regular 3″ Stand Up Collar
Shown with GASSAR Color Guard

GASSAR std. is a Buff Vest

GASSAR std. is a Buff Vest










The Georgia Society SAR uses a uniform that is representative of the North Atlantic Regiments (New York and New Jersey) during the American Revolution. It was also a design worn by George Washington’s personal guard, as seen above.  It is also acceptable to wear a Militiaman’s attire or uniform.  The is no requirement to join a color guard unit but we hope that you may wish to participate in the many Cherokee Chapter activities in uniform.

Revolutionary War Uniform Suppliers

The “Colonial type uniform:” Georgia Compatriots are using the color combinations of navy and buff coat, buff vest, and buff pants.  American revolutionary War Uniforms supplies the basic uniform: coat, full back vest, pants, and shoulder boards, plus shoe buckles and shirt with lace ruffles.  Do not order the tricorn hat from this source.  (See below – first source)

The polyester material in the uniforms, except for the shoulder boards, is washable.  It is suggested that you wash the uniform in cold water using a good detergent.  Hair shampoo may be used for “ring around the color.”  Then hang the uniform to dry.  It is also recommended that you purchase suspenders for the pants.  The pants will hang and feel better.

The uniforms are classified as costumes, not authentic reproductions, so you need not concern your self with authentic fabrics and accessories.  You will need some over-the-calf length stockings, from a sports store, and a pair of black, preferably plain toe, shoes.

The first source is

American Revolutionary Uniforms by Darlene Neuhaus          ORDER FORM

5757 Monterrey Drive

Ft. Worth TX, 76112

(817) 496-4161 or cell (817) 875-3577


The second source is:

G. Gedney Godwin, Inc

2139 Welsh Valley Road

P. O. Box 100

Valley Forge, PA 19481

(610) 783-0670

If you are interested in making a lifetime investment in an authentic uniform, consider this source.  These uniforms are authentic period reproductions made of 100% wool.  This is also a source to consider for militia style uniforms. This source also has a number of accessories including swords and muskets.

The third source is:

Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc

133 N. First Street

P. O. Box 415

Pierceton, IN 46562

(219) 594-5852


Townsend is a good source if you are interested in a militia style uniform.  It is also the source for the tricorn hat, style TH-905 with black trim.

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