ROTC Medal-400x231The United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force approve the SAR ROTC Medal for recognition of leadership, military bearing and excellence.  Each year, as determined by the ROTC Unit Commanding Officer, the Cherokee Chapter will present the SAR ROTC Medal and Certificate to an ROTC student that exemplifies the “citizen-soldier” ideals represented by the Minutemen of the American Revolution.

The medal is struck on a circular planchet.  On the obverse there is the figure of a Minuteman holding a rifle, with a plow and the Liberty Bell in the background, and is inscribed with the letters “ROTC.”  The reverse is inscribed “Awarded for Leadership, Soldierly Bearing and Excellence to _________.”  The medal is suspended from a ribbon of the SAR colors.

For additional information, email our JROTC Chairman.