Not only does the Cherokee Chapter Color Guard participate in parades or post colors at public functions, we contribute to a wide variety of historic, educational, and patriotic events. Participation of the color guard can enhance virtually every SAR activity.

WoodstockParade-200x203Membership in the Color Guard is open to all Cherokee Chapter members with an official Continental and/or Militia Uniform. The cost of a uniform is comparable to a business suit and is the responsibility of each Color Guardsman. The Cherokee Chapter provides the flags needed for presentation and posting of colors. Although not necessary, additional accoutrements, such as muskets, canteens, swords, sashes, gorgets, etc. are also the responsibility of the individual Color Guardsman wishing to have these accessories. For consistency, the Continental Uniform used by the Cherokee Chapter follows the specific requirements (PDF file) chosen by the Georgia Society. The Georgia Society uses a uniform that is representative of the North Atlantic Regiments (New York and New Jersey) during the American Revolution. It was also a design worn by George Washington’s personal guard.

Individual guardsmen who make a significant contribution for three or more years are eligible for color guard service medals. If you have any questions about the Cherokee Chapter Color Guard, contact our Color Guard Commander.