25th  Annual Patriots’ Day in Alamance County
hosted by: Alamance Battleground Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

2:00 PM – Formal Wreath Laying Ceremony
Sunday, May 16, 2021
In-person and on Zoom

Alamance Battleground State Historic Site
5803 NC 62 South, Burlington, NC

Members of SAR, DAR, C.A.R., SR and other Patriotic/Historical Societies will participate in a formal wreath laying ceremony at Alamance Battleground at 2:00 P.M. Sunday, May 16, 2021 to commemorate Alamance County’s three 1781 Revolutionary Battles: Pyle’s Defeat, Clapp’s Mill and Lindley’s Mill, and the Pre-Revolutionary May 16, 1771 Battle of Alamance (250th Anniversary).  This year’s event will be held as in the past at the Patriot’s Monument, in the field across the road from the Visitor’s Center.  Color Guard units are encouraged to bring chapter and ceremonial flags and wear period uniforms or militia dress.  Dignitaries and representatives of patriotic societies are invited to present wreaths.  Social Distancing will be in effect with participants and guest asked to stay 6 feet apart for a maximum of 100 participants.  Masks are not required by the Alamance Battleground staff if social distancing is practiced.  For inclement weather, the event will be held under the awning in front of the Visitor’s Center.  There is no charge for parking.

The NC SAR poster and brochure contest will be judged at the Alamance Battleground visitor’s center at 1:00 PM.  Please bring posters and brochures for judging at that time or contact Sam Powell for electronic submissions.

Participants in the 2:00 PM wreath laying ceremony are requested to arrive at the Park Patriots’ Monument by 1:30 PM. The NCSSAR combined Color Guard will lead the processional.

Directions to Alamance Battleground State Park are:  From Interstate-40 take Exit 143, then south on Highway 62 for approximately six miles, Alamance Battleground State Military Park entrance straddles Hwy 62.

To include your unit’s recognition in the program, please furnish the following information by May 8, 2021 to:

Samuel C. Powell
PO Box 2104
Burlington, NC 27216-2104
Telephone:  (336) 227-3557
E-mail:  sam@PowellEnt.com

For wreath presenters,
Presenter’s Name:
Office/Title of presenter:

25th Annual Patriots’ Day in Alamance
For Virtual Attendance:

The Alamance Battleground Chapter desires to make Patriots’ Day a hybrid North Carolina State color guard event by allowing participation by Zoom link as well as for in- person participation.  For those who would prefer to have a virtual presence, an invitation link for Zoom attendance will be sent to your email a few days before the event.

All virtual attendees must mute themselves when not speaking so background noises do not become a problem.  Please also do not share the virtual link as we do not want the event to be hijacked by unscrupulous individuals bent on causing mischief.  Virtual attendees will be able to see and hear the proceedings as they occur, and in-person attendees will be able to see and hear the virtual presenters on a screen display.  Please dress and conduct yourself accordingly.

To register for participation by Zoom, please send the following information to Sam Powell by May 8, 2021 at sam@PowellEnt.com

Registration for Virtual Participation by Zoom:

Telephone #:
E-mail Address:
Office/Title of presenter:
Chapter/State Society :
I would like to participate:    ______  Color Guard _____   Present a Wreath

I plan to wear:  _____  Uniform  ______  Militia Outfit ______ Suit and Tie

Please register by sending the above information to Sam Powell at Sam@PowellEnt.com.  Thank you for your interest and participation.

Your Zoom invitation will be sent back to your email address prior to the event.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Sam Powell
At 336 227-3557.